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Giving Thanks

November 26, 2010

It’s Thanksgiving night and the house is quiet. All the visiting family has gone home and those who live under this roof are sound asleep. The dishes are washed and the leftovers packaged for later. I’m tired but happy. I hadn’t planned to write this post, but in the still aftermath of the whirlwind day, I started thinking about all that I have to be thankful for. That’s pretty much the point of the American Thanksgiving tradition so I want to acknowledge the people and events that make my life better.

I give thanks:
· For the colorful beauty of Virginia as the leaves glow crimson, gold, and burnt orange in the cool fall sun and…
· For the good health to enjoy it from the seat of my bicycle.

· That my job is so much fun that it never (well, rarely) seems like work and…
· For my professional, creative and dedicated coworkers and teammates at Covington Travel.
· For family that drives 12 hours for a weekend visit so we can all be together and…
· For local family who helps me wrangle the sea of leaves that fall from those beautiful Virgina oaks.

· That there are so many wonderous places in the world to visit, explore and experience and…
· For my Mom sharing her wanderlust with me so that I’m driven to go see those places.

· For inflight wifi that allows me to stay connected and productive as I cross time zones and…
· For a stellar Technical Department that understands more about computers, programs and apps than I do and support me with the ever evolving technologies.

· For the dedicated vintners from Virginia to Argentina who bring luscious wines to my table and…
· For the friends who share that table with me. 

· For the exhilarating rush of adventures like zip-lining and…
· For the luxury of a sumptuous resort. 

· For  my healthy, happy kids who brought home mountains of laundry from college and make the house a loud, messy carnival and…
· For quiet times with that special someone. 

· For Tidewater seafood and…
· That there are people who like to cook more than I do and are much better at it.

I hope that you have many things on your list tonight, too.


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