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Our Top 10 Ultimate Adventures of 2010

December 17, 2010

Everyone I know has a travel wish list. It might include a simple romantic weekend or a trip-of-a-lifetime for a special milestone. For a travel junkie like me, working in the travel industry is like being a kid in a candy store. I previously wrote about my own wish list for A Year’s Worth of Adventure and I constantly add more to the list as I hear about interesting trips that Covington clients have taken. To give you even more ideas for your own wish list, I’d like to share some of the over-the-top travel Covington has arranged for our adventurous clients this year.

  1. An elephant back safari at luxury Camp Jabulani in South Africa – the Katama Private Game Reserve uses elephants rescued from Zimbabwe. An experienced elephant handler sits right behind the massive ears to guide the pachyderm while the guest rode in a seat on the elephant’s back.
  2. Running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain – To make our client as safe as possible, Covington arranged a local guide to take him through the course the day before the running. We also arranged access for his wife to film the live action from a balcony in a home along the route.
  3. Floe Edge experience in the Arctic – They took suspension sleds to the edge of the ice floe on Baffin Island where they stayed in heated huts on the 8-foot thick ice. They were eye to eye with beluga whales, saw walrus, seal, polar bear, and even the rare narwhal with its unicorn type horn.
  4. Hunting wild pigs in the outback of Australia – The Bullo River Ranch outside Darwin was being plagued by wild pigs, so the rancher invited our clients who were staying there on a hunt by helicopter. When the offenders were spotted from the air, they set down to stalk them on the ground. After a successful expedition, they flew across the expansive property to swim in some hidden waterfall pools. 



  6. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda – A strenuous hike of about five hours through the lush mountain jungle was rewarded by an hour visit with a large regal Silverback and his family. Being in the presence of their raw power and individual personalities was thrilling for these lucky travelers.

  8. Villa rental for an extended family for Christmas in the Caribbean – A popular option that Covington has booked for many clients. Enough room for the whole family to stay together and a private pool with a beautiful view sets the scene. A cook, butler, housekeeper and driver do all the work so there is plenty of time for bonding, celebration and family fun.
  9. Virgin Galactic sub-orbital flight, Space – This client hasn’t actually traveled yet, but will get an out of this world experience within 15 months. He will definitely have bragging rights that only a privileged few can claim.
  10. Assent of Kilimanjaro, Kenya – A relatively inexperienced climber made this trip with a team of 16 guides and porters. They provided all the equipment and safety provisions for a thrilling and successful mountain climbing expedition.
  11. Scuba diving off Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Divers love the profusion of color and marine life on the Great Barrier Reef and this spot is special because you can step right off the beach and swim to the Reef.
  12. Horseback riding in Atacama Desert, Chile – One woman enjoyed galloping through the canyons up to the high plateau where she had a panoramic view of the desert that is 100 times drier than Death Valley. But she didn’t rough it in the desert – she stayed in the luxury of the Hotel de Larache.

These are only a few of the fabulous trips and adventures our Covington advisors have arranged for clients. Each one of the clients was thrilled with their special experience but trips like these don’t just happen. Covington’s expert advisors have developed personal relationships with the local service providers and attend to every tiny detail of the reservation. From the initial discussion of the trip until our clients return home, Covington is there to ensure a successful trip.

If you would like to try any of these wonderful trips, or have another special trip on your wish list, let Covington’s experts help you arrange it. Maybe you will see yourself on this list next year!

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